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Wet, Windy, Hilly, Brilliant :-)

When I left the house at 7am this morning the skies were clear and the weather looking good for the Snowdonia Marathon. Upon arrival in Llanberis it was pouring down sideways with strong winds. The wind and rain continued all race, and I was very pleased to eventually cross the finish line with 4hrs27mins. I felt physically really good until mile 22, where an ascent of 2 miles and a steep descent of 2 miles really took it out of me. The last 10k took 1hr21mins! I set out by saying that I’d be really happy with sub 4:30 I have got to be pleased, given the lack of any structured, specific distance training for the event in recent months.
Always satisfying to finish something when it takes a lot of hard work to do so :-)
P.S for my clients who would like to watch me work hard, you can enjoy a role reversal tomorrow at 7.30pm on s4c. I am hoping the cameras didn’t catch me :-)